So, you have signed an agreement with a roofing company to complete your roof replacement and the project date is approaching quickly.  Are you now searching for tips to help prepare for your roof replacement project? Are you wanting to know what to do to get ready for a roof replacement at your home?

Well, no need to look further, we are here to help. Below we highlight five tips to prepare your home for a roof replacement.

1. Plan For the Safety of Children and Pets

A roof replacement is undoubtedly a project that creates noise, debris and will require ladders, tools and material to be placed around your yard. It is unsafe for children and pets to be allowed to roam outside around your home, especially when considering that only some of the hazards are on the ground, items falling from overhead are a big concern.  It may be a good idea if you can arrange for your children and possibly your pets to be taken to a family or friend’s home. If this isn’t possible, ensure your children and pets stay indoors while workers are on site. Friendly reminder, it is a good idea that an adult is home while the workers are present.

2. Move Your Vehicles

Make arrangements to have your driveway clear as the roofing contractors will need to use this space for their trucks, garbage bins or just to set up ladders.  This will also allow them the space to store materials and tools for quick access.. Besides, it is risky to keep your vehicles parked close to your home while work is being completed, the chances of damage to your car would be heightened. It is best to park your vehicles down the street or at least on the other side of the road. If your neighbour’s driveway is close to your property, save a potential incident and have them move their vehicles as well.

3. Remove Wall Decorations, Paintings and Photos

The vibrations from the roofer’s hammers may cause decorations, paintings, and photos hanging on your walls to fall off, causing significant damages. To avoid this unpleasant incident, remove them and keep them in a safe area until the project is completed.

4. Clear Outdoor Areas

Before the roofing company arrives at your home, take care of items that can obstruct easy movements of materials, tools, and roofers, such as patio furniture, barbecues, potted plants, and other movable items outside. If possible prune trees hovering around your home and remove antennas and satellite dishes to allow the roofing company to work without hindrance.

5. Cover Belongings In The Attic

If your attic is finished or if you store some of your belongings in your attic, it will be best to cover them with plastic sheets or drop cloths to protect them against dust and small debris that will be generated during the replacement project. You will definitely need to clean up, including  vacuum your attic after the project is completed.

Following the above five tips will help you prepare for your home roof replacement. As a bonus tip, it may be a good idea to let your neighbours know that you are having your roof replaced a week or two in advance, so they can plan their schedules during the project duration for safety and to minimize any disturbance.