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Cedar roofing offers any home a touch of class, character, increased curb appeal and is considered one of the greenest roofing products available. Cedar is rot resistant, which means it can last for many years while its natural look will always stay in style.

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Cedar Shake Roofs Toronto

A cedar shake is a rustic looking roofing shingle that has been hand split, replicating the look of an ax or mallet cut. Cedar roofs are not only beautiful but also resilient. These natural wood fibers will remain intact even in extreme weather, such as heavy snow and hail storms.

Cedar roofing and shingles are also extremely resistant to heavy winds. They can withstand winds of 130 miles per hour without any damage, which means that they won’t be flying off your roof with just any extreme wind event. They help insulate your home by preventing the loss of cold air in the summer or hot air during winter months.

Under optimal conditions, cedar roofing can last up to 50 years, making it a great investment for homeowners who is looking for a premium product but also wants peace of mind by knowing their home is secure against all weather conditions.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, cedar roofing has an added bonus: Cedar has an amazing strength-to-weight ratio with little to no movement because of the changes in temperature or moisture. These roofing systems are highly resistant to rain and keep their protectiveness and beauty with little maintenance.

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The team is amazing from start to finish! Their approach towards communicating estimates throughout getting the job completed was incredibly thorough and easy going each step of the way.

Arnold Smith

We were extremely impressed with John's knowledge and attention to detail. He answered all of our questions, provided us with a ton of useful information, and was just overall very helpful throughout the entire process.

John Doe

We were thrilled with our new windows after the installation, as we had waited so long for them. The sales representative Grace was recommended by a neighbor and he came to take measurements of the home before coming back later that week to give us an update on delivery dates. The installers took great care while installing so as keep every place clean!

Grace Barra

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