Soffit and Fascia

Your soffit and fascia should be considered as an extension of your roofing system, they help protect your home from water damage and potential pest infestation. This is why many homeowners replace their soffit, fascia and eavestrough when replacing their roofing system. This way they can have everything completed at the same time creating less disruption and mess to your home or business.

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Soffit and Fascia

Top Choice Roofing & Siding offers complete soffit repair and replacement services. If you have noticed damage or your current system is in need of an upgrade, we can help!

Soffits and fascia are extremely important in protecting your house from harsh weather conditions. Not only do they improve the aesthetics of your home, but they also provide cover, protection, and ventilation as well.

Soffit typically has air vents that allows air to circulate through your attic evenly to ensure the area remains dry and helps prevent the growth of mold. Your Fascia acts as a protective layer on top of the soffit and tucks in seamlessly under your roofing system to keep water from entering your roof deck. It also adds an aesthetic touch to your home as is caps off the rough ends of the rafters with a finished look.

Client Feedback

The team is amazing from start to finish! Their approach towards communicating estimates throughout getting the job completed was incredibly thorough and easy going each step of the way.

Arnold Smith

We were extremely impressed with John's knowledge and attention to detail. He answered all of our questions, provided us with a ton of useful information, and was just overall very helpful throughout the entire process.

John Doe

We were thrilled with our new windows after the installation, as we had waited so long for them. The sales representative Grace was recommended by a neighbor and he came to take measurements of the home before coming back later that week to give us an update on delivery dates. The installers took great care while installing so as keep every place clean!

Grace Barra

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When looking to replace your soffit and fascia, your eavestrough needs to be replaced at the same time as it connects to the fascia. But when looking at these home exterior projects, it is always good to consider other projects that can be completed at the same time, such as a roof or siding replacement.

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