Your roof’s importance to your home cannot be underestimated. It provides cover and protection for your family as well as all personal belongings in your home. Given this, your roof should be kept in the best structural condition at all times. There are many handy roof repair tips you can find online that will help you maintain your own roof without needing to call a professional roofing company for every small issue.

So, without further ado, we present you with five handy repair tips to deal with small issues with your roof before they become significant issues.

1. Complete Seasonal Inspections

Most homeowners do not find themselves on their rooftop on a regular basis, for this reason potential issues may go unnoticed until they become major issues. Make it a point to inspect your roofing after every season or at the very least before spring and fall. This will ensure your roof is in good condition going into the wettest seasons.

2. Fix Small Holes and Cracks

If you do happen to come across any small holes or cracks in your roofing system or if you see light coming in from your attic, take action right away by sealing up any holes or cracks immediately. You can use caulk or roofing tar to block the hole or crack. This is important as small holes or cracks can become larger and cause water leakage that can lead to extensive water damage in the house. You can fix this problem yourself without calling a roofing company. However, if the holes or cracks are quite large, don’t risk any further damage, call a professional.

3. Replace Missing Shingles and Flatten Curling Shingles

Missing shingles expose your home to water leakage and loss of energy efficiency. Curling shingles can let water in through your roof, potentially causing significant damage to the ceiling and attic. If there is a physical item responsible for the situation, like tree branches rubbing against your roof, eliminate the cause by trimming the branches. You can flatten curling shingles by applying tar to make them adhere and stay flat and replace missing shingles with new ones.

4. Tap Nail Heads Into Place

If you see any exposed nail heads, be sure to hammer them back into place immediately. Flashing and shingles are usually nailed using aluminum or galvanized steel roof nails. Loose nails may come loose at any time and be a source for water to enter your home. Before this small issue becomes a larger issue, lightly tap all lifting nails back into place and apply caulk or tar to seal the tiny spaces around the nails to prevent leaks.

5. Hire a Reliable Roofing Company

If the damage to your roof is extensive or you do not feel comfortable climbing up on your roof, contact an experienced roofing company as soon as possible to inspect the damage and repair the roof before extensive damage occurs.

The above are five handy roof repair tips you can take advantage of as a homeowner to help extend the lifespan of your roof. If you find that your roofing issues exceed your ability or comfort level, don’t delay to contact a professional to take care of your roofing issues.